He is the fury of a storm (and the calm after it)

Because he is a hurricane
and I can´t stop him,
but he keeps me flying,
he pushes me up and up
and never lets me down.

He is fire,
uncontrollable and rebellious
but warm.
He is the lovely fresh air
followed by butterflies.
He is the fury of a storm
and the calm after it.
He is the coldest rain
and the hottest sun.
He is ice
and refreshing water.
He is an ice cream in a summer day.
He is hot coffee in winter.

He is the sun, the moon
and all the stars in the universe,
he is unexplored galaxies
a mystery for all but for me.

He is the castle and the king
protecting his kingdom
and giving me freedom
so I can run for all his fields
and look at the sky
and feel the sun,
the rain and the wind.

He is the sea,
deep and dark,
I have dived in it
and I have seen things that no one else could.
I've swim with him
and I cannot describe how it feels
because is the beauty in its purest form
is beauty itself.

He is the reason why I've cried.
He is the reason for me to smile.

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