She was naked as a starry night.
No clouds in her soul,
no storm in her heart.

She was calm as a peaceful sea.
A quiet mind,
so she could sleep.

Her skin was soft,
even her little scars.
She touched her arms,
reviewing the marks
with her fingers,
she rubbed her legs,
her face,
her belly,
her chest...
her heart.

Her hair was curly,
crazy and tangled,
running down her back,
falling like a waterfall.

She looked so sweet some nights,
like a little girl
scared of the darkness
and full of nightmares.

She looked sexy as hell some others
with her hands running
through her body,
touching her skin,
stroking all her nudity.

She was naked as a starry night,
loving the moon
and receiving love back.

But she will last forever,
and not the stars.

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